So here you have a beautiful home somewhere in the greater Seattle area. Perhaps you’re even one of the original residents in your area, one of the first families to buy a plot of land and develop the block. Even if you’re not a true “native” to the northwest and you’ve recently purchased a new (or new-to-you) house in or around Seattle, you’ll still want to own this asset with pride and do the very best job that you can to protect it.

The Seattle Roof Moss Removal Experts Are On The Job

Over time, you begin to notice that your roof is looking rather…green. You think to yourself, “Hmmm, our roof wasn’t originally green. What’s going on?” Then you realize the culprit: roof moss. In the interest of protecting your property (and property value, by extension), the roof moss removal pros here at encourage you to take action. By contacting us, we’ll get on top of the situation — literally.

Rampant roof moss growth is a common issue here in the greater PNW, and that’s why our dedicated roof moss treatment services exist to protect your roof and overall home. Below, offers a few helpful pointers to keep your home in great shape and, ultimately, to reflect the responsible homeowner that you truly are. Let’s take a look.

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Stay On Top Of Yardwork

With the exception of the dead of winter — an even then, really — you’ll want to do your best to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Consistently mowing your lawn, edging, picking up all of the excess clippings, weeding, and doing anything else to keep your home’s exterior beautiful is only going to support your overall property value.

Stay On Good Terms With The HOA

Do you live in a particularly strict neighborhood as far as the HOA is concerned? Stay on their good side. Even if that means conforming to ridiculous standards or seemingly ambiguous rules, protecting your home’s value with the HOA on your side is a pretty smart move. We’re just saying.

Are You Due For A Fresh Coat Of Paint?

If you’ve purchased a new-to-you-home and you’ve owned it for a number of years, or you custom-designed your home and it’s been decades since you bought it, the chances are that you’re up for a new paint job. Chipping or badly faded paint doesn’t look good in the eyes of the HOA, and some developments even require homeowners to re-paint their home every 15 years. Keep in mind the last time that your home was painted. A fresh coat really makes a difference on an older home!

Maintain Your Roof With

Roof moss growth isn’t the only thing to worry about — your roof requires various maintenance here and there to keep things dry and safe above your head. However, roof moss left unattended can spell costly damage for your roof. If things are looking green above your head, don’t wait. Contact today for a free estimate on our roof moss removal services!