How often do you really take a close look at your roof? Unless you’re Santa Claus on Christmas Eve dropping off presents to the good kids of the Seattle area, then you’re probably not spending much time on top of your roof. Now, it doesn’t necessarily take being on top of your roof just to get a good look at what’s going on up there, but our point is that most of us are far too busy in our day-to-day lives to take note of a home’s exterior condition.

Roof Moss Treatment Made Easy And Stress-Free

As our Seattle roof moss removal experts have emphasized in previous blog posts, your roof is vulnerable to arguably the most common roofing threat in the Pacific Northwest region: our sworn mortal enemy, roof moss. You see, what starts out looking green, fuzzy, and otherwise harmless can eventually spell a roofing headache for fine Seattle homeowners such as yourself.

Can Roof Moss Removal Near Me Really Help?

It really can! Did you know that the lifespan of a 30-year roof can be reduced to 18 years after roof moss takes a hold? That’s a darned shame. Fortunately, should you discover roof moss in the early stages of growth — or you’ve just found out about any extent of roof moss or roof algae in general — know that is on the job!

Here’s our take on what to do when you discover that your roof has a moss infestation:

Don’t Panic

As good general advice, the words “don’t panic” apply to many different life situations. If you’re worried that a green, moss-covered alien monster is going to do crash through your roof at any given moment and completely disrupt a perfectly nice meal that you and your family are having, then first of all, you probably have quite the vivid imagination. Yes, the moss on top of your roof is alive, but it’s not going to bore through the roof and eat you. Roof moss grows slowly but surely, so waiting a few extra days after you make this discovery won’t be the end of the world — or the end of your roof.  

Don’t Climb On Your Roof

It’s practically our legal obligation to advise against going up on your roof to get a closer look at the situation. Of course, it’s a free country and you’re welcome to go up there if you want. It’s your house, after all. But there are two different kinds of people when it comes to roof moss: those that squeal at the sight of it, and those that feel the compulsion to get up close and personal.

Do Contact As Soon As Possible!

The solution to your roof moss woes is remarkably simple. Just give our Seattle roof moss removal experts a call and we’ll schedule a convenient time to come over and remedy the situation. That’s it! Sorry moss, but your free rent is up and it’s finally time to be evicted. Contact today or feel free to get an instant estimate through our website.